Darren Kipfer

One Click Property Searches

Annapolis Homes
Under $250,000
Over $5million

A "Jump Search" is a one-click search that runs a search for listings. You can do one piece of search criteria, such as "Fairfax" or you could do a combination of criteria, such as "Annapolis Homes for Sale Over $5,000,000". Click the link above to run that example.

You can add a link on the left navigation bar of your website for a single jump search. Or you could put on in the main part of your homepage. Or, you can do as I have done here as an example: create a custom page with multiple jump searches. (The others below "Annapolis Homes" like "Under $250,000" and "$250,000-$350,000" are two additional links that have not been created, but are there to show you what you could do.

I have seen sites where the agent created dozens or even hundreds of single-click jump searches. It makes things easier for your website visitors!